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This a limited edition coffee. I only bought one 22 pound box.  I bought this coffee from Royal Coffee importers it is from of their Crown Jewel collection. I purchased this coffee because it was different than other coffees I've bought and I was curious to see what a high end Sulawesi could taste like. This cost me $7.30 a pound so at $20 for a roasted bag is a steal. Their tasting notes include, lime, molasses, honey, dark chocolate, citric, juicy, buttery.
I definitely got some of that in the cup. I noticed different flavors came out depending on my brewing temperature. I'm also curious to see what happens at a little faster roast time. I had issues with only half my burners turning on during the first minute of the roast which added about a minute and a half to my total roast time. As far as what I tasted to me the lime was more like a sweet pink grapefruit that I noticed when it had cooled down slightly but disappeared as it cooled more. One thing I noticed was the complexity in the flavor that changed as it cooled and with different brew temperatures. I brewed this coffee on my Kalita wave brewer and a hario brewer with a metal filter. Brew temps I tried was 202 Fahrenheit and 208. At lower temp it was more smooth and buttery and at the higher temp it was more juicy and citric. 
For more info on this coffee you can go here. This link will work until they sell out but hopefully I sellout first.
PT Toarco Jaya and farms in surrounding Toraja Utara Regency
Jember / S795
Bokin, Rantebua, North Toraja Regency, South Sulawesi, Indonesia
March - September 2019
1200 - 1700 masl
Volcanic loam
Fully washed, dried on patios and in mechanical dryers