Kenya Windrush Coffee Estate AA

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If you like big juicy sweet coffees than this  coffee is for you. A very clean bright coffee with cherry tomato sweetness. This coffee is will satisfy.



Region Kiambu

Altitude 1500


Windrush Estate


SL 28 , SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian




About this coffee:

Windrush Coffee Estate is run by approximately 300 Kenyan shareholders, who in the 1970s purchased the farm from a British settler. Rather than divide up the property, they kept it whole. They have a board of directors and a management team that oversees the business of the estate.

Kiambu County is located in the Central highlands of Kenya in the former Central Province sharing its borders with five other counties; Nakuru and Kajiado to the West, Murang'a and Nyandarua to the North and Nairobi to the South.

Kiambu County’s deep red volcanic soils are rich in organic matter. The region receives approximately 1100 mm of rainfall per annum. These factors and its cool climate make Kiambu conducive for coffee farming.

Timely and selective hand picking is practiced at Windrush Coffee Estate. Cherries are delivered to a wet mill the same day they are picked. Red ripe cherries are separated from under ripe cherries, over ripe cherries and foreign matter prior to pulping. Processing uses clean river water that is re-circulated before disposal into seepage pits. Sun drying on raised tables is done before delivery of the coffee to the dry mill for secondary processing.

Our Windrush AA is a juicy, bright cup with flavors of caramel, citrus, and pineapple with notes of cherry tomato. 18+ Screen. Cup Score: 86.38.