Washed Ethiopia Guji Hambela

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 really love this coffee. It is so pleasant to drink it with it soft velvety body and a sweet complex fruit body. I noticed subtle peach and mango notes. If you normally use cream and sugar in your coffee I urge you to try this one black first.

I purchased this coffee through Coffee Shrub. Here is their tasting notes and information that they supply.

Shrubs tasting notes: Ipressive sweetnes, demrara sugar, cream soda, mild fruited accents of nectarine and lemon, and a touch of clove in aroma. Peach-like acidity helps build out the fruited impressions.

Region:          Dame Dabaye, Hambela Wamea, Guji

Processing:    Wet Process (Washed)

Variety:          Heirloom

Elevation:      above 1800 meters

Farm notes:

"Dabaye" is the name of the kebele where this Hambela station is located (a town, more or less). We were lucky enough to be hosted at this station on our December 2018 visit, camping out in a pair of military tents replete with cots, overlooking the couple hundred drying tables below us. Kedir is an incredibly proficient and capable engineer as well as coffee farmer, and built the entire Hambela station in one season. You wouldn't know this, as it's visually apparent everything was built with high processing standards, and with efficiency in mind. Of course he did not complete Hambela on his own, and thanks to his long standing connection with the the people in this area, he had much needed community support. Hambela sits at 1816 meters above sea level, and coffee is grown as high as 2100 meters. They mostly buy coffee from farmers in the surrounding kebeles of Buliye, Wamena, Borticha, Dari Rogicha and Dabaye, of course. This is the wet process lot from the Dabaye station.