Kenya Nyeri Peaberry

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This a very lovely Kenyan coffee. It has a sparkling acidity and sweet cherry tomato notes. The sweet aroma on this coffee is incredible. Not everyone is a Kenyan coffee lover but if you are like I am you will love this one.

This a Bourbon varietal. It is also a peaberry which is a mutation in the coffee where the coffee cherry produces one seed instead of two. To be honest I'm not sure what the flavor difference is but I'm sure there is. I would have to do a side by side comparison.

Here is the coffee specs and notes from Coffee Shrub who I purchased the green coffee from. I always love Coffee Shrubs cupping notes their details are great and sometimes amusing.

Region Karatina, Nyeri
Processing Wet Process (Washed)
Drying Method Raised Bed Sun-Dried
Arrival date May 2021 Arrival
Lot size 7
Bag size 60 KG
Packaging GrainPro Liner
Farm Gate yes
Cultivar Detail Bourbon

This coffee comes to us from the Kiamabara factory, located in Karatina town, not far from the town of Nyeri, both within the Nyeri District. This is a cooperative coffee - part of the Mugaga Farmers Cooperative Society - but in Kenya they're called "factories" which is quite fitting really. I think of factories as an assembly line of sorts, where there is absolute consistency to the product output. This rings true for coffees that come from many of the Kenya factories we deal with. Year after year they have an astonishing ability to consistently produce sweet, clean, and complex coffees. Like most of the cooperatives in the area, members tend to much smaller plots of coffee trees than their estate farm competition, thus having more control over the production of ripe cherry. The average altitude is right around 1900 meters above sea level, and most of the small holder farmers contributing to this washing station grow SL-28, and SL-34 cultivars (Bourbon selection from the 1930's, studied and propagated by Scott Agricultural Labs). This is the Peaberry outturn, meaning, they've separated out all of the small, round 'peaberry' beans from a particular day's harvest, which in this case makes up a whopping 7 bags.

This lot from Kiamabara is so nice and brilliant at lighter roast levels, and has a candied citrus and dark fruit sweetness across the recommended roast spectrum. Full City roasts flatten out acidity a little, though not altogether, and still offers quite a delicious berry fruit tone. The dry grounds smell like a mix of brown sugar and cardamom, so sweet, and lined by a scent of spiced grape. The wet aroma is saturated with a smell of buttery caramel sweetness, and a clean accent of cooked plum in the steam. I like the interplay of raw sugar and cinnamon notes that come through in the brew, culminating in a flavor of cinnamon hard candy. The coffee complexity come clear as it cools, showing smidges of clove, tamarind, pomegranate, with some a bracing citrus acidity that breathes life into the flavor profile.