Straightening the Learning Curve

While I like to think I know how to roast coffee I also feel like I have a to learn about roasting coffee. In my endeavor to learn more about my profession I spent some money on starting a subscription to Roast Magazine and bought The Book of Roast and I finally renewed my subscription to Barista Magazine as well as Imbibe Magazine. I feel that it is easy for me to get lazy and not push myself to improve but it is something that I desire to do. For me personally I get challenged from direct interactions with others but when on my own my tendency is to coast along. But I can forcefully and painfully push myself. But at the same time I often forget how much I have learned about roasting and coffee over the years.

One thing I do not know a lot about is putting together a website. It has taken me a few weeks to figure out how to add subscriptions to this website. But they are up along with a new darker roast blend and a new single origin Kenya Windrush. Next I need to work on getting better pictures and more information on the site. But I feel good about the overall progress. But still far from what I hope it will be. 

Thanks everyone who has supported me.